Welcome to South Arm United Church


Some Pre-Planning for Our June 2nd Potluck


The United Church of Canada as designated the 1st Sunday in June has special meaning and purpose within The United Church of Canada this year: Pride Sunday. For further information please go to our national UCC website

Though this household has not taken any official step to declare South Arm “an Affirming Congregation,” we have always been a household of faith that affirms one another on our faith journey. We love and appreciate and find joy in the marvellous variety within humanity. It may be that, at some point in the future, South Arm might feel the call to take the Affirming Congregation step, but to date, we have invested our time, energy and faith in living those affirming values.

To celebrate Pride Sunday on we are inviting our household of faith to arrive at our June 2nd potluck with foods carefully selected/prepared to represent one of the colours of the Pride Rainbow. As this will take more planning and preparation on all our parts, we thought it prudent to send this note out well in advance



Our Pot-luck Cake Experimentation


 As you know, we have recently added a “Celebration Cake” to our potlucks on the first Sundays of the month. Please remember that these Celebration Cakes are intended to celebrate all special moments within that month: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, births, baptisms and any other moments that feel special to you. When the invitation is extended, near the beginning of our pot-luck, for celebrants to gather round the cake, please feel free to gather