About Us

Welcome to South Arm United. For over one hundred years God's people have gathered at the corner of Steveston Highway and #3 Road in Richmond, BC to foster deeper connections to God, each other and the world which God loves. We believe that when we sing and pray, laugh and cry, teach and learn, we are being equipped to make the kind of difference in God’s world that is in keeping with the Spirit of Jesus, who calls us to Way of justice, healing, compassion and hope offered to the whole world and all of God's children, no matter what Way others may follow. This approach to life and faith we have tried to boldly name in our Vision Statement: “South Arm: a welcoming, Christ-centred community serving ALL with joy, justice and courage.”

As part of the United Church of Canada, we belong to a tradition which allows each congregation great freedom in carving its own identity. South Arm United Church is on the more theologically and spiritually progressive wing of the church. In practical terms, that means we take our scriptural tradition seriously, are committed to learning from the best available scholarship on all aspects of our faith and practice, and believe that the earth is a gift that human beings are to care for on behalf of all creation. It also means that we value the questions, the doubts and the puzzlements that shape each of our lives on a daily basis. There is great wisdom is taking our questions/doubts/puzzlements seriously, for in them we experience the companionship of God.

Before you come to conclude that we are a terribly serious bunch (is it already too late??) we also have come to believe that it is part of our calling — and an important part of our connection to God, each other and the world — that we learn to laugh and enjoy one another’s company.

The doors of our friendship and companionship are open to you. May God's blessings always be a part of your journey.